What we offer


Space to hire for freelance PT’s, Sports Coaches, rehabilitation experts to train their own clients Facility hire arrangement, pay as you go or on a month to month basis. Find out more send an enquiry.

1:1 personal development programs

Personal Development programs for all ages and abilities, each program is specially tailored to your requirement and fitness levels and our in-house Personal Development consultant will oversee your program and ensure you work with the best suitable trainer. All Pinnacle programs are in conjunction with our accredited Personal Development Experts. They are tailored to anyone, age, ability etc and we match to the best possible trainer We would start with a consultation and then connect to the trainer, monitoring progression

Group Personal Training sessions

Pinnacle runS a range of group personal development sessions where content is design for specific training outcomes or bespoke to individual requirements. All sessions are take by a Pinnacle accredited Personal Development Expert

Pinnacle Classes

All class are designed for a particular purpose or as a competitive class to push you development limits. These session focus on strength or relation to specific sports. Class timetables can be found on our social media feeds