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Pinnacle Personal Development Centre is not your average gym. Our Goal is to provide a safe environment for everyone to become the best possible version of themselves. In an all inclusive arena, we cater for each individual’s needs. Whether you are a novice, an experienced gym go-er or training for a particular purpose, Pinnacle provides the space, expertise and amenities for you. As well as our own network of Personal Development experts, the Pinnacle facility is open for use by freelance Personal Trainer’s, sports coaches or rehabilitation experts on a rental basis. 

Clean and Airy Space to
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Our Mission

We are here to offer a space for a personal development journey that can help you become the best you can be and reach your full potential. We welcome people of all different fitness levels, genders, body-types, and ages. Get in touch with one of our fitness expert today and get started.

About us

Based at Fives Hamilton, we've introduced Pinnacle fitness centre to initially support athletes using our 5-a-side pitches. However we are now giving access to the space to more people. Whether you are a fitness expert or you looking for one, get in touch today and we will connect you.


Give your workout more variety than ever with our accessories, from warmup to cooldown. Increase your body’s capacities every day, from stability to mobility, from power to speed.

The Experts

Our fitness centre is available to personal development experts, personal trainers, rehabilitation experts, physiotherapists, lifestyle experts. We let out space in a specialist gym environment for 1:1 sessions with your private clients, and we also support those embarking on a journey towards their Pinnacle

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